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We created Lending Mill to facilitate the relationship between Private Lenders and Mortgage Brokers. Our extensive underwriting background allowed us to recognize the issues and the obstacles that both sides face. We believe in building successful business relationship so we created a tool that assists in expediting that relationship, making sure that both parties are left satisfied.

Our goal is to create a platform that will make closing deals with private lenders as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning and just as automated as making an order on Amazon.

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Why choose us?

“If you have a client that needs private financing and you want to get them the best deal for them – Lending Mill is for you. We pride ourselves on the fast quality service that we have been perfecting over many years. After being in both agent and broker roles, we know how frustrating it can be to arrange private financing. That is the reason you choose us – we will make the process easy and fast – your client will get the deal that they need and you will get paid for your work. What’s not to love?”

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